Reposa Safe: the clog with reinforced toe cap against impact and crushing risks

Essential in many working areas, accident- prevention shoes born to protect who wears them from various kind of risks, in addition to meeting the comfort needs that workers have spending the most of the day standing. Working footwear are [...]

Closed ultralight sanitary shoes Reposa Smart and Reposa Power

Are you looking for a comfortable and hygienic sanitary shoe as an alternative to the classic nursing clogs? Reposa Smart and Reposa Power - the ultra-lightweight EVA shoes - are the perfect solution for those looking for the same [...]

Electrical risk in workplaces: Antistatic and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

How often, especially while working, do we find ourselves in an environment where there is no electricity at all? With modern technological development, this possibility is practically unthinkable, even if, in the presence of an electrical power source, the [...]

The smart clog: application of a microchip or Rfid tag

The concept of smart clog is definitely at the forefront. Few companies have adapted to change or have intention to invest in this technology. The new hospital tender specifications already list the presence of a tag as essential requirement, [...]

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