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Recyclable Professional Shoes And Clogs

Recyclable Professional Shoes And Clogs

Businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the damage being done to the planet and the potential for serious repercussions in the future.  This has led consumers to turn more towards products that are sustainable or green.

Of course, it’s not just environmental sustainability that matters. Social sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Together, these are pushing companies to find better solutions. The best option is a product that is made without harming the planet and that protects the well-being and the safety of the workers who contribute to its creation.

Methods Of Achieving These Goals

The best way for a company to achieve these goals is to carefully design and verify a product before putting it on the market. It is important to check certain aspects first, including:

Materials Used

One of the main aspects to consider concerns materials. When considering professional shoes and clogs the best option is to choose shoes made of recyclable materials, like rubber.

Waste produced

The next step is to consider what waste is produced when the shoes are made. If rubber is the main material, any waste will be rubber. Considering that this can be reused, the actual waste is almost non-existent.

Recycling Potential

All items produced will eventually be thrown away. That is not because of the throwaway society that has developed, but simply because shoes have a finite life,  like most things.

If we take a moment to consider what happens to the shoe at the end of its life, we realise that a shoe made entirely of rubber can very well be recycled with other plastics, thus reducing non-disposable waste.

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Professional Shoes & Clogs

The concept of eco-friendly products can be adapted to footwear by choosing eco-sustainable, recyclable and low environmental impact raw materials.

Reposa has chosen, wherever possible, to contribute to the well-being of the planet by creating some green and eco-friendly clog models, 100% recyclable, from the material to the packaging!

The Reposa 'green' line includes two models:

Reposa Max

The Reposa Max is made  of recyclable thermoplastic rubber, known as SEBS. It is latex free and anti-static. The Reposa Max is also non-slip and has an adjustable safety strap, ensuring your staff comfort and safety at the same time.

Reposa Easy

The second option, the Reposa Easy, is also a clog made of SEBS. Like article 400 Max, it is anti-static, non-slip, and latex free. The main difference is that it does not have a safety strap.

This makes the Easy a better choice when shoes are constantly being slipped on and off.

Considerations When Selecting Recyclable Professional Shoes And Clogs

The Reposa clogs are an ecological and economical solution for your staff and customers. After being used, they can be 100% recycled,  reducing waste to a minimum.

 In general, before buying sanitary footwear, there are some important aspects to consider:

Where Is It Made?

Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding what is acceptable as environmentally friendly production and how the labour force is looked after. It is worth noting that every manufacturer needs to list where a product is made.

This allows you to verify that the product complies with the environmental standards expected in your country.

What Materials Have been Used?

Reposa uses environmentally friendly materials and environmentally friendly packaging , contributing in its own small way to safeguarding the planet.

It is essential to always verify what materials are used to create the product you wish to buy. Although they may seem environmentally friendly, this must be verified.

What Happens At The End Of Its Life?

At the end of any product’s life, it can be thrown into a landfill or recycled. If you care about the environment , you should certainly prefer that the product can be recycled.

So why not choose Reposa's green models? You can’t get better than that.

Additional Reason To Choose Reposa Recyclable Professional Shoes & Clogs

It is worth noting that Reposa uses recyclable packaging for shipments. In short, you can’t help but purchasing these professional shoes and clogs.


  • Why choose a sustainable product?

    Why choose a sustainable product?

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