Professionals of various sectors wear Reposa clogs: healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, wellness and cleaning.

The Reposa catalogue is large and varied. Reposa Max, Reposa Safe and Reposa Easy, autoclavables and available in many colours and sizes, are the professional clogs made of precious and soft hi-tech rubber. They are all designed to ensure maximum comfort and well-being.

Max and Safe also have a fitting backstrap patented system, incorporated into the mould and therefore of the same material, to avoid any rubbing problems while walking.

Reposa Light Shock is the new ultra-light in EVA material. With just 190 g of average weight per pair, it makes the fatigue of many hours of work easier, but still maintains all its safety features. It is equipped with antistatic plug, backstrap, and antistatic and antibacterial removable insole.

The Reposa White line consists of three variants: the lace-up Reposa Work, the Reposa Medical sabot and the Reposa Nurse mocassin. All of them are available with or without safety toecap. They suits professionals in various fields, from the healthcare-pharmaceutical sector to the restaurant industry.

The Sterilizable Technical Insole and Reposa Sock Tech technical sock, with antistatic carbon fibre according to EN standards, complete the products range.