The Giannoni Group has always chosen to keep its production entirely in Italy, in the same Headquarters in Empoli where the company’s offices and warehouse are also located, in order to guarantee total control of the production processes and maximum organisational flexibility to best meet the most diverse customer needs. The type of production process is the injection moulding of plastic materials on a stationary rotary machine. The recent purchase of machinery for the processing of cross-linked EVA marked the beginning of a new productive and commercial adventure. The new ultra-light Reposa is an important turning point and completes the professional range.

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Each clog is designed according to the needs of a specific professional category, taking advantage of the long experience gained in compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations.

Choice of raw materials:
An essential part of the company’s know-how is the knowledge of the different moulding materials. The technical characteristics of each polymer, the useful means to obtain the best result, the colour management and, above all, the continuous research and experimentation of new materials, essential to offer innovative and optimal solutions.

Investment in technology:

The progressive renewal of the company’s machinery and software contributes in an essential way to the birth of new lines, as well as to the maintenance of high levels of efficiency and quality.