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Footwear for industrial laundries

Footwear for industrial laundries

A large number of businesses use the services of industrial laundries: hospitals, residential care homes, restaurants and hotels, to name but a few. These highly professional laundries use specialized machinery to ensure that large quantities of garments are efficiently washed and changed , so that products and linen are always clean and ready for use. In fact, the laundry to be washed is periodically collected from the industrial laundries, treated with special machinery and then returned to the customer perfectly ironed, offering a home delivery service if required.

One of the services provided by industrial laundries is garment rental, especially for the catering and hotel sectors, which allows them to avoid the heavy costs associated with the initial purchase. In fact, industrial laundries are becoming more and more popular, evolving into offering an all-round service, increasingly playing the role of a single multitasking supplier for large chains such as hospitals.

This trend is reflected in the ad hoc specifications that only structured laundries are able to meet.

In these facilities, enormous quantities of products are washed and sanitized every day : sheets and work clothes, tablecloths and napkins, uniforms and technical textiles, as well as clogs. The industrial laundry is in fact one of the most focused targets of the Reposa catalogue, as it embraces those sectors that generate the most important volumes: the Ho.Re.Ca.  and the sanitary-hospital sectors, two realities that differ in many aspects, but that have in common the high attention to hygienic safety and the need for excellent service.

For the Reposa offer dedicated to these sectors, visit the dedicated sections: Ho.Re.Ca. and Sanitary.

Reposa sanitary clogs: features and strengths

The characteristics common to all Reposa clogs, and which every safe and hygienic work shoe should have, are as follows:

  • Hygienic and therefore resistant to washing even at high temperatures. Reposa clogs are designed to be sanitized in an autoclave: the models in soft SEBS rubber such as Reposa Max, Reposa Easy and Reposa Safe are in fact the most popular in the hospital and health sector precisely to meet this need;
  • Anti-slip: an ever-present risk when there is the possibility of finding water or other liquids on the floor is that of slipping and injuring oneself. Reposa clogs have an SRC-certified technical sole, which performs the function of always maintaining a grip with the floor, so as to avoid accidental slips;
  • Antistatic: prevents electrification by rubbing, i.e. discharges static electricity that can build up when dealing with electrically powered machinery or normal household appliances used for cleaning or in kitchens;
  • Waterproof: thanks to the closed and smooth upper, which repels all organic or chemical substances that would be harmful in contact with the skin;
  • Easy to wash and sanitize : a fundamental feature when the primary need is to avoid the spread of potentially pathogenic germs on products arriving at the laundry.

All Reposa professional clogs in our catalogue have these qualities, but each line and model has specific features that make it unique and particularly suitable for the different tasks performed by the wearer.


Reposa lines and models

SEBS  rubber clogs

This anti-static and latex-free material is specially chosen and designed for people working in the healthcare sector who need footwear that can be easily washed and sterilized . Reposa clogs in SEBS rubber are   :

  • Max: the top of the Reposa range , made of soft hi-tech rubber and antistatic. The non-slip SRC sole prevents the risk of slipping on wet or soapy surfaces, while the smooth closed upper protects the foot from accidental contact with infectious or irritating substances. The presence of side holes keeps the foot ventilated and facilitates washing, while the folding safety strap makes the clog adhere to the foot and gives better stability.
  • Complete: The other great Reposa classic, with its comfortable fit and injected technical fabric insole absorbs sweat and dampens vibrations, providing all-day comfort. It is also non-slip and antistatic, and as a hospital shoes it is resistant to washing and sterilisation in an autoclave.


Ultra lightweight clogs made of cross-linked EVA

The key word is lightness for this line of ultralight clogs that weigh an average of only 300 g per pair, ideal if you are looking for protective yet lightweight and comfortable work footwear. They are part of this line:

  • Light One: the basic version of the light line, a sanitary baseboard with all the essential safety features. The closed upper protects against infiltration, while the side windows help to keep the foot ventilated. It is equipped with a flip-up lace with rivet fastening and a non-slip SRC sole.
  • Light Shock: The SRC anti-slip sole and anti-static gusset protect against slipping and shocks due to electrostatic charge build-up. The side openings allow the foot to ventilate, while the closed upper protects against the infiltration of liquids and other substances. The comfort, antistatic , antibacterial treated insole is included.


Microfibre work shoes

Unfailing proposals in the workwear offer are the classic white shoes, usually present on the market in three variants: sabot, moccasin and lace-up; in real leather, in microfibre, moulded, with composite toe cap, water-repellent or not… all options in any case referable to the macro-category “white work shoes”.

Reposa’s White line offers the perfect price-quality compromise, with no less than 7 variants in the catalogue ready for delivery. Here are the two most popular ones and their main features:

  • Medical: the work sabot with perforated, padded microfibre upper and a breathable, permeable lining. The polyurethane sole is certified anti-slip (SRC), and not only prevents the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, but thanks to its lightness and flexibility also guarantees excellent comfort. Also available with a reinforced toe cap to protect against the risk of crushing if weights or blunt objects are dropped.
  • Nurse: also available with or without a composite toecap, this work moccasin suitable for every challenge is a classic in the healthcare-horeca sector. Like all the shoes in the White range, the Nurse has a perforated, injected microfibre upper and breathable permeable lining for prolonged comfort. The certified non-slip polyurethane (SRC) sole is light and flexible to reduce the risk of slipping.


The Smart clogs

In developing the baseboard equipped with RFID tags, Reposa has thought about the needs of realities such as industrial laundries, to simplify and streamline massive logistics management and the work carried out by operators. As seen in more detail in the article on the smart plinth, the microchip or RFID tag incorporated in the plinth identifies it and makes it traceable during movements and washing operations.

Specifically for industrial laundries, there are many reasons to choose the integration of RFID technology, as it allows to:

  • trace the origin of the product
  • guarantee the supply chain
  • manage movements and delivery passages
  • track and optimize washing
  • reduce waste
  • Ensure operator safety and hygiene.

The use of smart labels is particularly useful in this context, where there are so many garments in circulation. This technology makes it much easier to carry out the necessary sorting and handling operations, as well as all other uses of the Rfid tag ranging from A to Z.

The smart version is available as Reposa Max, Reposa Easy and Reposa Safe on request.

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