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Footwear for nursery and school staff

Footwear for nursery and school staff

How important is the care and education of our children? If we were to assess it with a unit of measurement, its value would be close to infinity. Just as we can consider invaluable the service provided every day by those who work in the field of educational services and kindergartens, creating and maintaining a safe and stimulating environment for children.

In order to ensure that the educational day runs smoothly and safely, it is therefore necessary to always have a double level of attention: not only to one’s own safety in the workplace, but also and above all to the health of the children and their families.

When carrying out the normal activities of cleaning and managing school premises, it is therefore advisable that staff carefully observe the health regulations for personal and collective protection. Reposa, a specialist in the production of sanitary footwear, takes care of the health of school staff, starting with their shoes, which must comply with certain safety parameters depending on their tasks.

Reposa offer for kindergartens and schools

For a child, especially a very young one, it is important to be able to move, touch and explore their environment freely, and it is our job to ensure that they do not encounter any dangers while enriching themselves through these experiences.

It is therefore essential to keep the school and nursery environment free of risk factors, clean and hygienic. At the same time, school staff may also face risks while carrying out routine maintenance and safety work in classrooms and other environments. Such risks can be prevented if safety and health rules are followed, and if the right personal protective equipment (PPE) such as professional footwear is worn.

Wearing footwear that is not worn outside also avoids carrying microbes and infectious agents into the nursery or school. This applies to all staff in kindergartens, where children are under 6 years of age , and to school assistants carrying out routine maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Reposa sanitary footwear offers all the characteristics of a high quality work shoe, which prevents the risk of accidents and contributes to maintaining a hygienic environment with its extreme practicality.

Let’s discover together which Reposa models are most suitable for nursery and school staff:

  • Max: The top of the Reposa range, made of soft hi-tech rubber and anti-static. The non-slip SRC sole helps maintain grip on wet or soapy surfaces to prevent slipping, while the smooth closed upper protects the foot from the infiltration of organic or chemical substances, such as detergents or disinfectants. The presence of side holes keeps the foot ventilated and makes washing easier and more effective. The fold-down safety strap provides anchorage to the foot for greater stability and ease of movement.
  • Complete: The timeless classic Reposa, with its comfortable fit and injected technical fabric insole absorbs sweat and dampens vibrations, providing all-day comfort. It is non-slip and antistatic, to protect against electrostatic discharges that can occur when using electrical appliances.
  • Light One: The basic version of the ultra-lightweight Light line, this work clog has all the essential safety features, plus a high degree of comfort due to its extreme lightness. The closed upper protects against the ingress of organic substances and cleaning products, while the side windows keep the feet ventilated. It is equipped with a folding lace with rivet fastening and an anti-slip SRC sole.
  • Light shock: its average weight of 300 g per pair speaks for itself! Ideal if you’re looking for protective yet lightweight and comfortable work footwear. The lightness is provided by cross-linked EVA; the non-slip SRC sole and anti-static gusset protect against slipping and electrostatic charges. The side openings allow the foot to ventilate, while the closed upper protects against the infiltration of liquids and other substances. An antibacterial and antistatic insole is included.

With Reposa, safety and hygiene are always present on workers’ feet. Browse our catalogue to see all models!

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