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Footwear for the Ho.Re.Ca.

Footwear for the Ho.Re.Ca.

Whether you think of a starred restaurant or a warm trattoria, a hotel in the center or a residence surrounded by nature, an ancient café or a modern ice cream parlor, the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector constitutes the backbone of many economies and manages to pass on traditions and ways of hosting, serving and presenting local and international products within a setting of leisure and meeting.

Accommodation facilities, restaurant and catering activities have in common the management and administration of food and drinks, but in terms of skills and needs, the professional figures that are part of them can also be very different from each other.

Whatever the activity within this broad sector, the basis of a good service there is in any case the safety of the staff, the prevention of risks and a very high attention to hygiene in order not to contaminate the working environment and the products treated.

Reposa, with its wide selection of PPE certified professional footwear, has been at the side, or rather at the feet of many Ho.Re.Ca. Professionals for more than thirty years, to ensure a high level of protection and comfort for those who pass many hours on their feet, handling potentially dangerous tools and substances of various kinds.

In this article, we will present the Reposa models and lines dedicated to the Hotellerie, Restaurant and Catering / Coffee sectors.

Professional footwear for the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector


Before going into the details of each sector, let’s find out which are the characteristics to be attributed to an excellent quality professional footwear:

  1. Protection: the Reposa footwear are second category PPE , compliant with EN ISO 20347: 2012 and 20345: 2011 standards, to protect against the risk of falling heavy or blunt objects, burns or electric shocks. It is in fact common to many Ho.Re.Ca. having to deal with pans and knives, fires and appliances, and carelessness or malfunction in their use can even cause serious injuries.
  1. Antislip: very important quality to prevent the risk of slipping when you are in environments where water or other liquids will easily be present on the floor, very likely when dealing with food and drinks, but also with detergents and products for the cleaning
  1. Hygiene: understood as ease of cleaning, essential for maintaining high hygiene standards and not contaminating objects and food that will ultimately come into contact with the public. The material from which the footwear is made must not retain dirt and bacteria and must be easily washable and sanitized
  1. Comfort: whether it is the very soft SEBS rubber or the breathable microfiber fabric, each Reposa model is designed to offer maximum comfort to those who work on their feet and must maintain a certain freedom of movement throughout the day
  1. Look: because the eye also wants its part in the areas related to reception. For a uniform that conveys professionalism or that touch of color that gives good mood and stimulates creativity.

All Reposa models contain these features, but some design details make them unique and different from each other, for a specialization that diversifies them according to the tasks that take place daily. So let’s go into the world of to see specifically which the shoes Reposa are, that best meet the needs of every professional.


Footwear for hotels

For the cleaning staff inside Hotels and Hotels it takes a comfortable and light shoe, with non-slip function and easily washable. The two lines we recommend are definitely our models made of SEBS rubber and EVA ultralight.


SEBS rubber clogs: Max and Complete

Max:  soft hi-tech rubber and antistatic. The non-slip sole SRC prevents the risk of slipping on wet or soapy surfaces, while the closed smooth upper has the function of protecting the foot from those substances that in contact with the skin can cause discomfort and irritation, like some cleaning and sanitizing products. The presence of side holes allows to keep the foot aerated and facilitates washing. The fold-down safety strap gives greater anchorage to the foot for greater stability.

Complete: the other great classic Reposa, which with its comfortable fit and the insole in injected technical fabric, absorbs sweat and cushions vibrations, giving prolonged comfort throughout the day. It is antislip and antistatic, to safeguard against electric shocks that may occur during the use of household appliances.


Ultra-light Work Shoes: Light Shock and Light One

Light One: The basic version of the Light line, this work base has all the essential features for safety, and also gives a high comfort given its extreme lightness. The closed upper protects against the infiltration of irritating cleaning products, while the side windows keep the foot aerated. It is equipped with folding strap with hook rivet and sole Non-slip SRC.

Light Shock: Its average weight of 300 gr per pair speaks for itself! Ideal if you are looking for a protective work shoe and at the same time light and comfortable. The lightness is given by the reticulated EVA of which they are composed, while the non-slip sole SRC and the antistatic dowel protect from the risks of slipping and electrostatic charges. The side openings allow the aeration of the foot, while the closed upper protects against the infiltration of liquids and other substances. The antibacterial and antistatic insole is included.


Catering footwear

A kitchen is a workplace where skill and speed of execution contribute to the success of a perfect service, while hygiene and protection from the many pitfalls that revolve around the stove must always be kept in first place, for the safety of its staff and customers. Let’s discover together which Reposa models are best suited to the world of catering and the agro-food sector:


Softness and hygiene with SEBS rubber

Safe: its strong point is the steel tip , which protects against the risk of crushing and tearing where pans or sharp tools such as a knife fall, which can cause serious injuries. It washes easily and does not retain dirty


Microfiber work shoes

Medical/S: with the composite safety toe cap, it is the work sabot of the Reposa White line. It has a perforated and internally padded microfiber upper, a permeable and breathable lining and a certified non-slip polyurethane sole (SRC), which not only prevents the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, but thanks to its lightness and flexibility it also guarantees excellent comfort.

Nurse/S: with the composite safety toe cap, this work moccasin suitable for every challenge has also made its way into the food sector and in kitchens. Like all footwear in the White line, the Nurse model also has a perforated and injected microfiber upper and a breathable permeable lining to give comfort for a long time. The non-slip certified polyurethane sole (SRC) is light and flexible, to avoid slipping without sacrificing comfort.


Footwear for cafes and ice-cream shops

The area of ​​which cafes and ice-cream shop are part is the one in which one is in closest contact with the public, where the smile and serenity transmitted by those behind the counter really make the difference during the breaks that customers come to indulge in. On their premises, Reposa shoes, which guarantee comfort and protection from risk factors, leave room for lightheartedness during long working days spent standing.


SEBS rubber clogs

Max / Easy: is a professional clog in very soft hi-tech rubber, one with a folding strap, the other without, designed in the heel and sole to give comfort to those who have to spend many hours standing behind the counter. It absorbs energy in the heel area, is antistatic to protect against electrostatic charges produced by coolers and other electrical appliances and is easily washable in case of contact with organic substances. It is available in three colors: white, green and blue, and like all Reposa clogs it is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) certified.

Complete: a classic Reposa which, as the name suggests, contains all the qualities of a high-level professional shoe. In addition to protecting against infiltrations and risks such as slipping and electrostatic shocks, it keeps the foot ventilated and absorbs sweat. The sole and heel are designed for a comfortable fit even for shifts of many hours.


Clogs of the ultralight line

Light One and Light Shock: for those who prefer lightness, which is the distinctive feature of the Reposa Light line. Made of ultra-light cross-linked EVA, a high-tech material that allows you to maintain high protection against the infiltration of organic substances and irritating products, while remaining light and comfortable. The SRC-certified non-slip sole prevents the risk of slipping on damp or wet surfaces, while the side windows allow air to pass through to keep the foot cool and dry. Both have a flip-up strap for added grip and stability.


Microfiber Moccasins

Reposa Nurse: available with or without the composite toecap, which gives extra protection against crushing hazards. The upper is made of microfiber, with a breathable permeable lining for maximum comfort. They prevent the risk of slipping thanks to the polyurethane sole, which in addition to being SRC certified non-slip, is soft and flexible for greater comfort.

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