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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Shoes

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Shoes

In kitchens, it is important that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained to ensure the best quality food is prepared and to avoid contamination.

To respect this standards, in every kitchen there are some precautions to bear in mind:

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Attire Footwear

Among the various elements to take into account when talking about kitchens are the professional footwear that cooks and other workers in the sector wear.

Here some aspects to consider when choosing the shoes for the kitchen:

The Manufacturer

Choosing a well-known brand that pays attention to the quality of the raw materials is fundamental for guaranteeing comfort for your feet. Among the Made in Italy brands, Reposa certainly stands out from the rest for its reliability and guarantee of quality.  

Each shoe is designed to meet the needs of a specific professional category, taking advantage of the long experience gained in the field of compliance with the regulations on personal protective equipment.


Chefs and other kitchen workers have to stand for many hours. This is why they need comfortable shoes, which allow the right support during the work shift.  


One aspect to consider when choosing kitchen shoes is the level of hygiene. Kitchen shoes must be easy to wash, as they can easily become soiled with food residues.


Reposa offers a range of shoes with a reinforced toe cap, which is essential in kitchen footwear where there is a higher risk of sharp objects falling on your feet.

Slip resistance.

Another fundamental consideration when looking at kitchen shoes is the antislip property of the shoe’s sole. It is important to choose footwear with the highest anti-slip characteristics, because in the kitchen, where one has to deal with liquids and slippery substances, the risk of slipping is even higher than in other environments.


Another important aspect is the durability of the footwear. As well as being comfortable, easy to wear and non-slip, it is important that the footwear is also durable and hard-wearing.

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So why choose Reposa kitchen shoes? Because they are safe, thanks to the presence of the safety toe cap, comfortable and of high quality.

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