Clogs manufacturer: Why Reposa is perfect for you | Reposa

Clogs manufacturer: Why Reposa is perfect for you

Clogs manufacturer: Why Reposa is perfect for you

Introduction to clogs

Of course, the clog has come a long way since. Instead of being made of wood they are now made of plastic and are popular in a variety of industries. When you find the right clog manufacturer you’ll realise that you need a selection of clogs, ensuring you have the right ones for each industry.

How Modern Clogs Are Made

Modern clogs, although the design is increasingly attractive and innovative, still have a simple shape because they remain one of the most practical shoes on offer. Even in the material there has been an evolution: instead of leather and wood, rubber and expanded materials such as EVA are nowadays the most successful in the production of professional clogs.

Plastic clogs are manufactured by merging several components together and injecting the compound into a mould. This makes a one-piece, seamless clog that maximises the comfort

Some modern manufacturers may also add an inner insole that improves comfort .  

The injection moulding process allows the production of  a variety of designs that can even be customized. This is useful for companies that want their logo on the footwear.

Another element that can be added to the clog is a back-strap that ensures the safety of the foot.

Qualities that make Reposa the perfect manufacturer for you:

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Quality Materials

As mentioned, the key to produce high-quality clogs is in the materials used. Reposa selects 100% made in Italy raw materials that ensure the best quality and durable clogs on the market.  

Price competitiveness

Reposa tries to combine quality with convenience, offering its footwear at very competitive prices on the market.

The main target customers are wholesalers, hospitals and other types of companies that buy in large quantities. Bulk purchases allow not only extra discounts but also the possibility of customising the footwear.

Variety Of Choice

Reposa offers a wide variety of footwear to choose from. Three different lines, 9 models and a wide range of colours and sizes.-

The sterilizable line in thermoplastic rubber, which includes a model with the back-strap (art. 400 Max), a model without it (art. 900 Easy) and the version with safety back-strap and steel toecap (Art. 500 Safe).

The Ultralight line, including one model with antistatic plug (art. 210 Light Shock) and one without it (art.200 Light one).

Finally, there is the professional white line that has three different models: the clog, the moccasin and the lace-up shoe.

Customer Care

Reposa is also dedicated to building a relationship with you. they will take the best possible care of you. That means dealing with queries promptly and ensuring you are happy with every step of the purchase process.

If you are looking for a loyal partner to build your business, Reposa is the one for you.


In addition to the wide range of professional footwear types, Reposa allows you to customise your own footwear, be it in the packaging or directly on the clog. Since it is necessary to set up an ad hoc production, customisation is clearly only possible for purchases in large quantities.


Perhaps the most obvious reason why Reposa is the perfect manufacturer for you is that it provides you with maximum comfort, while meeting the requirements of your profession. Comfort, quality and safety are combined together to offer you the best product.

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