Reposa - Zoccoli e Calzature per Professioni Sanitarie

Footwear for Beauticians and Hairdressers

Footwear for Beauticians and Hairdressers

Footwear for Beauticians and Hairdressers

The best footwear for specialists of the beauty and wellness field should definitely be comfortable, practical, safe, but also aesthetically pretty. A fresh and bold design with bright colours, that can match the uniform or other accessories!

The Reposa clog, with its many variations in solid colours, is the perfect compromise. In fact, it includes:

  • Look

Wide range of colours

  • Comfort

Excellent fit with enough space for a removable footbed, useful to guarantee even more comfort for who works in standing position all day long

  • Lightness

Performed at its best in the Light Shock variation

  • Practicality

Easy to wash and maintain

  • Safety

The Reposa clogs are, first of all, personal protective equipment (PPE)

Beauticians, Hairdressers, Masseurs: what are the risks to be prevented?

Hairdressers, together with those who work in the wellness and beauty industries, are exposed to different work-related risks, such as:

  • Chemical risks (e.g. falling solvents, polishes and tints)
  • Slipping risk (humid and slippery floors)
  • Electrostatic discharge risks (e.g. small bursts of electricity when using a hairdryer)

The Reposa classic professional line is entirely made of SEBS, a material which is completely resistant to the action of chemicals. While maintaining the side openings for air circulation, the upper part is smooth and closed, useful to drain the liquids and prevent a possible direct contact with any harmful substance.

The Reposa clogs are all provided with reinforced tread and non-slip SRC grip, studied to give the highest adherence level to the ground and stability against the risk of slipping.

Another feature is the prevention against static shocks, a consequence of the redistribution of electric charges between different materials; which is relatively harmless but can also be annoying and painful. Luckily, choosing the right shoe often solves the problem. The Reposa antistatic insert provides the shoe with antistatic properties which, together with adequate clothing/socks, protects the operator from annoying “discharges”.


The most suitable Reposa clogs for beauticians and hairdressers

If we had to choose, out of the wide Reposa range, which are the best models for the beautician and hairdresser professions, we would certainly suggest the following lines:

  1. The classic sterilizable line: Reposa Max and Reposa Easy, designed for the hospital and sanitary sectors, but very appreciated also in the beauty area. Designed in soft, hi-tech rubber, extra comfortable for those who work on a standing position for many hours, equipped with adjustable, reversible strap with a clasp for a tailored fit and a great sense of stability. Available in 10 bright colour variants.
  2. The ultralight line: Light Shock and Light One, with their imperceptible weight, made of expanded reticulated EVA, soft and versatile, machine washable up to 60°. Ideal when you’re looking for a shoe that doesn’t tire the legs and feet.

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Reposa is the trademark of Giannoni Group S.r.l., a company specialized, for more than 30 years, in the molding of plastic materials for the production of professional sandals.

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