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Footwear for Beauticians and Hairdressers

Footwear for Beauticians and Hairdressers

Workers in the beauty industry, including hairdressers and beauticians, spend the majority of their day on their feet.  It is therefore important to carry out the necessary safety checks and risk assessments to ensure the health and safety of staff.

Why Shoes Matter

When considering the welfare of beauticians, hairdressers and other beauty salon staff it is easy  not to  consider footwear. However, as these people spend the majority of the day on their feet, wearing the right type of footwear is fundamental.

The right shoe increases comfort, provides support and hygiene.

If staff wear the right footwear they will enjoy the comfort they need to focus on their customers and improve their service.

Risks Associated With The Wrong Shoes

There are several risks that hairdressers and beauticians need to be aware of and that could be prevented by wearing the right type of footwear:


To people who are standing all day, wearing comfortable shoes is fundamental. They have to give to the user not only comfort, but also the necessary support for feet, legs and back, in order to prevent eventual pains in these parts of the body.


Beauty salons are constantly working with water and chemical products.

This means that the staff can easily slip. Wearing non-slip footwear with an excellent grip is therefore important.

Electrostatic Discharge

Beauty salons use electrical devices, such as hairdryers and straighteners. These items often create static electricity and transmit small and constant electrical charges to the operators.

To be protected against these, it is important to wear anti-static footwear. If they are ESD, they can provide dual protection for both the tools being used and the operator.

How Reposa Helps

Reposa has been making professional footwear for decades. They have a dedicated research and development team to help ensure their products are always the best and address all potential concerns.

 Why choosing Reposa for the beauty sector?


The Reposa range is available in a wide selection of colours and models. You can choose the one that looks best with your uniform or logo or simply select the colour that appeals the most.


Comfortable footwear means protecting your feet and helping your posture, preventing any discomfort caused by working long hours on your feet. Reposa professional shoes and clogs are extremely comfortable, the perfect partners for your feet during work shifts.

Lightness and practicality

Reposa knows that one of the main requirements for professional footwear is lightness and softness. This is why Reposa's professional lines are characterised by extremely light and soft materials, 100% Made in italy.


The Reposa range has a large selection of shoes with straps. This is generally the best option as it helps keep the straps on the wearer's foot. Another important factor for user safety is the presence of an anti-slip sole, which prevents unexpected slips.

Finally, the added value of Reposa footwear is ESD, which guarantees the correct dissipation of any electrostatic charges transmitted by the equipment.

The Reposa Range

The thermoplastic rubber line includes 4 different models: Reposa Complete, Max, Easy and Safe, all with non-slip soles and autoclavable. With or without strap, with or without safety toe cap, the perfect line for those who want to combine comfort with safety and maximum hygiene.

The ultra-lightweight EVA line, Light Shock and Light One, on the other hand, is characterised by its extreme lightness, making it the perfect line for those who spend many hours on their feet and do not require a product that needs to be sterilised. The footwear is easy to wash, however, to ensure optimum hygiene conditions.

Both models are non-slip and have a flip-up strap. The Light shock model has the added value of being antistatic.

All models are available in different colours and in a wide range of sizes.

Take a look at Reposa's various offers to find the footwear that best suits your role in the beauty sector. You will find products that combine comfort and safety, while also maintaining style and colour.

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