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Footwear for cleaning companies

Footwear for cleaning companies

Footwear for cleaning companies

The cleaning sector, which carries out its activities in both public and private places, has always been subject to various risks, which is why it is considered a sector with a high risk of accidents.

In addition to appropriate behaviour on the part of the cleaner and a good knowledge and safety of the working environment, in order to carry out this activity in complete safety, it is necessary to take the right preventive measures, for example by wearing personal protective equipment appropriate to the tasks performed.

With a wide choice of work clogs available in various models, materials and colours , Reposa protects hygiene professionals starting with the footwear, in order to prevent the multiple risks to which cleaning workers are exposed.


Cleaners: the risks of the job

The workplace and working conditions are the factors that most influence the risks of a cleaner’s job, along with the operator’s compliance with individual and collective protection rules.

The factors that most influence the safety of the cleaner can be grouped into three macro-categories: biological factors, chemical factors and physical factors.

In order to better understand what characteristics to look for in a good pair of work shoes, let’s first look at the risks related to these factors:

Chemical factors: detergents, disinfectants and bleaches are the main weapons of a cleaner, to be used and handled repeatedly throughout the day. Accidental spillage of the most aggressive products can lead to serious skin damage, which is why wearing protective gloves and footwear is essential.

Physical factors: related to the tools used and the working environment, where the operator is often exposed to slipping on wet or soapy floors, as well as the risk of crushing when moving furniture and heavy objects and electrocution due to malfunctioning appliances. Among the most common complaints for cleaners are all those musculoskeletal ailments and disorders that affect those who adopt an incorrect posture when performing repetitive movements. If you maintain poor posture and do not wear footwear that is suitable for moving and standing all day, muscle aches and cramps can become a frequent annoyance, and over time you can develop more serious and chronic complaints.

Biological Factors: When you undertake cleaning activities, especially at a professional level, it is normal to deal with mites, mould and viruses that need to be eradicated from surfaces and the environment in which you work. It is therefore unthinkable to carry out the daily activities of a cleaner without wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.


The Reposa offer for cleaners

Reposa, which for decades has been at the feet of all professionals in the health sector and of those who pay special attention to hygiene and cleanliness in their work, offers a wide range of comfortable, practical and highly qualified professional footwear, in compliance with European standards EN ISO 20347:2012 and 20345:2011 on personal protective equipment (PPE).

For the operators of cleaning companies, Reposa offers a wide catalogue of extremely comfortable, practical and entirely Made in Italy models.

Without further ado, let’s discover the selection of professional clogs for cleaning companies and all their features:

Max: the top of the Reposa range , made of very soft hi-tech rubber and antistatic to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges. The non-slip SRC sole allows to keep the grip on wet or soapy surfaces to avoid slipping, while the smooth closed upper has the function to protect the foot from those substances that in contact with the skin can cause discomfort and irritation, such as some products for cleaning and sanitizing environments. The presence of side holes keeps the foot aerated and facilitates washing. The flip-up safety strap provides an anchorage to the foot that allows greater stability and ease of movement.

Safe: Its strong point is the steel toe cap, which protects against the risk of crushing if a weight is accidentally dropped while moving furniture or other objects. It is easy to wash, does not retain dirt and has a flip-up strap and non-slip sole.

Complete: A timeless Reposa classic which , as the name suggests, encompasses all the qualities of a top-class professional shoe. As well as protecting against infiltration and risks such as slipping and electrostatic shock, it keeps the foot ventilated and absorbs sweat. The sole and heel are designed for a comfortable fit, even for shifts lasting several hours.

Work: the reinforced toe cap is also available in the White line in microfiber , in the Medical Nurse and Work models, made of microfiber  which is padded inside and perforated to allow ventilation of the foot. The Work version with laces surrounds the foot and guarantees stability for the operator. The sole is made of polyurethane and certified anti-slip (SRC).

For further information do not hesitate to contact us or visit our catalogue!

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