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Footwear for pharmacies

Footwear for pharmacies

Salesman , warehouse worker, chemist, biologist and interpreter of indecipherable calligraphy: what profession are we talking about? That of the pharmacist, of course. A category of workers that encompasses a multitude of skills and is always in contact with the public, catering for the most common needs through to support in more rare and problematic situations such as health emergencies.

To carry out their role in the best possible way, pharmacists must wear a uniform that is practical, functional and that conveys to the public the security of a place where they can buy products for their health.  We often see sanitary footwear accompanying the pharmacist’s coat, satisfying this need for practicality and hygiene in an accessory designed specifically for all healthcare professionals, but which has also become popular with the general public over time.

It is now common to see this type of footwear on pharmacy shelves, where customers are looking for products of a certain standard of quality that put the well-being and health of the user first.

Reposa, a leading company in the production of work footwear for pharmacists and professionals in the hospital and healthcare sectors, offers a wide range of comfortable, high quality sanitary clogs, entirely Made In Italy and certified as personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with European standards EN ISO 20347:2012 and 20345:2011.


Pharmacy needs comfortable and practical shoes

The pharmacy, for those who work there, is a place where various tasks are carried out, both as a service to the public and behind closed doors in the careful running of the pharmacy. This is why, when it comes to the clothing and accessories worn, it is essential to look for high levels of comfort and practicality, without ever compromising on a tidy and professional look.

So what should a pharmacist look for in work footwear? Let’s see it together:

  • Comfort: Long shifts, which are not limited to opening hours but begin and end with long days on your feet, can cause fatigue and muscle discomfort if you do not wear the right shoes. A good pharmacist’s shoe must therefore be comfortable and ergonomic, for correct posture and to avoid fatigue in the legs , feet and back.

Reposa clogs, available with or without an adjustable strap according to different preferences and needs, are designed in the sole and heel height to provide prolonged comfort. The side windows allow the foot to ventilate, and the availability of different technical materials to choose from meets all kinds of needs.


  • Practicality: understood as ease of washing and management of their devices. In fact, all Reposa clogs can be washed and sanitized even at high temperatures, so as to always guarantee maximum hygiene inside the pharmacy. A recent upgrade of the classic rubber line is the insertion of a retractable Rfid tag: a microchip that makes the plinth traceable, as well as performing various uses depending on the specific needs of the pharmacy.

To understand the great advantage of this technology, we need only think of the labelling system already in use for the traceability of medicines. Stickers containing a range of information are attached to the packs of medicines, which are then fed into a database, making it possible to record the location of the medicine at each stage of distribution, as well as communicating any other information that has been included.

The most avant-garde pharmacies, which are the first to experiment with the use of tags or smart labels, have begun to translate this system to other products and IPR in and out, greatly simplifying many of the necessary management and tracking operations.

  • Look: whether we are talking about private or public pharmacies, when it comes to defining a pharmacist’s uniform, the eye is also important! And if a white coat or jacket is essential to identify this profession, you can also allow yourself some freedom of choice when it comes to footwear, especially in terms of colours.

The Reposa catalogue is full of both neutral and bright colours to match the pharmacist’s coat, but which are also particularly appreciated by the public, standing out on the pharmacy shelf with their look that is both professional and attractive, especially in the brighter colours.


Reposa offer for Pharmacy

Taking into account the above-mentioned features, let’s see in more detail which are the most suitable Reposa sanitary clogs models for pharmacists and Pharmacies:

  • Clogs in SEBS rubber: this material, antistatic and latex-free, is specially chosen and studied for those who work in the health sector and need footwear that can be easily washed and sterilized. It can be washed in autoclaves and maintains its characteristics of softness, antistaticity and resistance for a long time. The models made of SEBS rubber are Max, Complete and Easy. Among their characteristics we find the reinforced tread with anti-slip SRC sole, which prevents the risk of slipping, while the closed upper protects the foot from accidental falling of substances harmful to the skin. The side windows allow the foot to be ventilated and make it easier to wash the clog, and together with the careful design of the heel height and width of the sole give the wearer prolonged comfort.
  • Clogs made of cross-linked EVA: The key word here is “lightness” for this range of ultralight clogs that weigh only 300 g per pair on average, making them ideal for people who spend many hours on their feet, but also for those who intend to wear them at home as a relaxing shoe. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable and protected at the same time in your own home! The Light Shock and Light One models are part of this line, both closed on the surface and equipped with side windows and a safety folding lace, for correct ventilation and greater stability and adherence to the foot.
  • Microfibre footwear: the White line includes the Work and Nurse models, which differ in the presence or absence of laces, depending on personal preferences and needs. They are made of perforated microfibre and padded inside, with a permeable and breathable lining for comfort and lightness, keeping the foot dry. The polyurethane sole is non-slip and SRC certified.

Reposa shoes are designed to meet the needs of professionals belonging to different sectors besides the pharmaceutical and health sectors, but they are suitable to be worn also out of the working environment, as they are so comfortable and well made: they have an ergonomics that benefits posture, they protect the foot from accidental slips, from electrostatic charges and from unpleasant accidents that sometimes occur in the domestic environment .

To discover all Reposa colours and the different footwear models visit our catalogue, and do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

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