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Footwear for nursing homes

Footwear for nursing homes

Footwear for nursing homes

Social and health workers play a very important role in our society, caring for those sections of the population most in need of care and assistance.

To complete the uniform of an socio-medical operator there must be footwear that is:

  • suitable for supporting the weight of the body all day long
  • resistant to continuous daily stress from wear and washing
  • comfortable, because comfort is always a fundamental aspect when it comes to feet and backs
  • hygienic, easily washable or even sterilisable to reduce the bacterial load in the environment to zero
  • safe, certified as personal protective equipment (PPE) and therefore suitable to prevent the risks of the specific task

Sanitary clogs are exactly the type of footwear that best meets all these requirements.

Reposa, for decades a specialist in the production of sanitary clogs, offers a wide choice of models, all entirely made in Italy and certified as Category II PPE, in compliance with European standards EN ISO 20347:2012 and 20345:2011.


The Reposa offer for Care Homes

In order to ensure continuity of care and that care workers do not themselves become vehicles of infection for residents in care homes, it is imperative to protect staff and disseminate good practice in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

So what characteristics should a safe, high quality footwear have for the activities carried out by a Social Worker? Let’s see it together:

  1. Non-slip: a non-slip technical sole can prevent the risk of slipping injuries on wet or soapy surfaces
  2. Protective: the closed upper is an element that serves to protect the foot from the infiltration of organic and chemical substances.
  3. Practical:e. made of materials that are easy to wash and sanitize, without retaining dirt accumulated during the day.

The Reposa offer for Care Homes includes all these features, but each model has its own peculiarities that make it unique and particularly suitable for the specifics of the different tasks carried out.

Let’s see more in detail the different Reposa lines suitable for Health Care Workers:


Clogs made of SEBS rubber

This anti-static and latex-free material is specially chosen and designed for people working in the healthcare sector who need footwear that can be easily washed and sterilized . Reposa clogs in SEBS rubber are:

  • Max: the timeless Reposa classic, made of soft hi-tech rubber and antistatic. The non-slip SRC sole prevents the risk of slipping on wet or soapy surfaces, while the smooth closed upper protects the foot from accidental falling of infectious or irritating substances. The presence of side holes keeps the foot ventilated and facilitates washing, while the folding safety strap makes the clog adhere to the foot and gives better stability.
  • Complete: The other great Reposa classic, with its comfortable fit and injected technical fabric insole absorbs sweat and dampens vibrations, providing all-day comfort. It is also non-slip and antistatic, and, as a hospital shoe, is resistant to washing and sterilisation even in an autoclave.


Ultra lightweight clogs in cross-linked EVA

The key word is “lightness” for this line of ultra-light clogs that weigh only 300g per pair on average, ideal if you’re looking for protective yet lightweight and comfortable work footwear. They are part of this line:

  • Light One: the basic version of the Light line, a sanitary clog with all the essential safety features. The closed upper protects against infiltration, while the side windows help to keep the feet ventilated. It is equipped with a flip-up lace with rivet fastening and an anti-slip SRC sole.
  • Light shock: its winning feature is still its extreme lightness, while the SRC anti-slip sole and anti-static gusset protect against the risk of slipping and shocks due to the accumulation of electrostatic charges. The side openings allow the foot to ventilate, while the closed upper protects against the infiltration of liquids and other substances. An antibacterial and antistatic insole is included.


Microfibre work footwear

The classic White Reposa line, which includes:

  • Medical: the work sabot with a perforated and internally padded microfibre upper and a permeable and breathable lining. The polyurethane sole is certified non-slip (SRC), and not only prevents the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, but thanks to its lightness and flexibility also guarantees excellent comfort. It is also available with a reinforced toe cap to protect against the risk of crushing when moving heavy weights.
  • Nurse: also available with or without a composite toecap, this work moccasin for every challenge is a classic in the healthcare sector. Like all the shoes in the White range, the Nurse has a perforated, injected microfibre upper and breathable permeable lining for prolonged comfort. The certified non-slip polyurethane sole (SRC) is light and flexible, preventing slipping without sacrificing comfort.

All Reposa shoes are available in neutral as well as bright and vivid colours, to see them all visit our catalogue, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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