Are you looking for a comfortable and hygienic sanitary shoe as an alternative to the classic nursing clogs?

Reposa Smart and Reposa Power – the ultra-lightweight EVA shoes – are the perfect solution for those looking for the same feeling of stability and enveloping as closed walking shoes, without sacrificing the level of protection and hygiene that only a professional product can guarantee.

When it comes to safety and comfort in the workplace, especially in the health sector, Reposa has always been in the vanguard, as demonstrated by the brand new and gritty Smart/Power line, ultra-lightweight reticulated EVA, non-slip and ESD shoes with reinforced toe where required.

But what are the main features that distinguish the ultralight EVA booties?

  • Complete closure and adherence around the foot, for optimal protection at 360°;
  • Ventilation thanks to the side holes that allow the foot to breathe during long shifts;
  • Easy to wash, even in the washing machine;
  • Resistance, given by the material and the shape of the liner which guarantees excellent durability despite wear and tear.

What makes the two Reposa models the most appropriate choice?

  • Reposa Smart and Reposa Power are PPE compliant with European standards EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20347;
  • They have ESD certification, an additional requirement against the risk of electric shock to operators and/or machinery being used;
  • They are SRC-marked, as they are tested for maximum slip resistance;
  • They are ultra-comfortable and good for the wearer! They support the posture and ensure its correctness thanks to the slightly anatomical sole and the full heel, made of cross-linked “rubbery” EVA, which absorbs shocks generating a spring shock absorbing effect.
  • They also provide extra protection with regard to the essential requirements: a full heel against possible piercing objects and, for the Reposa Power model, an inserted composite toe cap that is non-magnetic and dielectric.

Who are closed-toe sanitary shoes designed for?

Thanks to their shape, which completely encircles the foot and prevents it from falling out, closed sanitary shoes are suitable PPE for various types of work.

Their primary use is in the healthcare sector, in particular for people working in wards, hospital aisle, nurses and other medical and socio-medical staff in hospices and clinics of various kinds.

They are also suitable for cleaning and other Ho.Re.Ca. sectors.

Ultralight closed shoe vs closed shoe in leather or microfiber

The use of closed footwear as an alternative to clogs is certainly not an absolute novelty in the world of PPE: lines of lace-up shoes or moccasins in leather/microfiber are already widespread and very successful in the working environment.

What also pushed Reposa to create a closed sanitary shoe in EVA is the possibility to offer operators a product that combines the needs of safety with those of lightness, comfort and design.

How? Microfiber shoes usually have a polyurethane sole, which tends to yellow over time and after being subjected to UV rays, not to mention that, if not moulded, it can come off irreparably.

But what we never tire of highlighting is the extraordinary lightness of the EVA material which, with its specific weight of about 1.4 kg per cubic decimeter, resists abrasion and deformation, is antibacterial and has no equal.

Aside from the choice of whether or not to have a toe cap, which is an option in all lines, the ultra-lightweight closed EVA shoe has additional advantages that can be appreciated in any job that requires standing or walking for many hours a day:

  • The lightness, which obviously allows to feel less fatigue at the end of the day;
  • The greater breathability, given by the presence of side holes that allow the constant passage of air inside the footwear;
  • Water repellency, an advantage in every working environment;
  • The practicality and ease of disinfection
  • The innovative and colourful design


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