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Veterinary Shoes

Veterinary Shoes

Veterinary Shoes

Every Health Profession, including veterinaries, needs a specific type of footwear. Veterinary shoes have to be a professional and practical product, both resistant and light, so that it doesn’t weigh on the legs and feet after many hours standing and helping our big and small pet friends.

Whereas health workers operating in hospitals are generally bound by clothing supply contracts, vets usually work in small clinics and private structures, and are free to choose their uniform and footwear on their own.

But this freedom has its pros and cons: while there is no obligation to pick a specific model or brand, on the other side, the absence of specifications makes it difficult to identify every occupational hazard!

But let’s have a look at the characteristics you should remember for an informed choice about what to wear on your feet!


Veterinary clogs: which features?

In a schematic way:

  1. Practicality: it’s the first, essential quality to a veterinary clog, since this job is very active and it’s important to have a certain fluidity of movement


  1. Softness: where the shoe material comes to play. A well-made upper part made of grain leather or an extra soft SEBS rubber guarantees an excellent comfort and makes it easy to bend during the visits
  1. Hygiene: as they’re very easy to wash. Being constantly close to any kind of animal implies that clogs get dirty very easily, and that’s why the material they’re made of doesn’t have to retain dirt and bacteria, has to be smooth and easy to sanitize. This way, safety and hygiene can be guaranteed to the veterinary himself and to his four-legged patients
  1. Resistance: to wearing and washing. This is a fundamental feature for the PPE
  1. Colour: not as indispensable to the functionality of the shoe, it allows to personalize and revitalize your “working style”. A bit of colour is good for your mood and never hurts on the workplace!


Reposa lines for Veterinaries

The Reposa models equip sanitary professionals of each field, including veterinaries. Particularly suitable are some of the models of the two classic lines, ultralight and sterilisable.

Each line assures:

  • Safety: our clogs are category II PPEs, EN ISO 20347:2012 and 20345:2011 compliant; non-slip and fulfilling every protocol requirement
  • Comfort: the heel height and soles are well-studied, absorbing energy in the heel area, in order to soften the bounces while walking and offer the utmost comfort
  • Colour: thanks to the wide range of colours available, they give a sparkle of joy and brightness to the working uniform.

The suggested models of the classic sterilazable line: Reposa Max, Reposa Easy and Reposa Complete are thought for the sanitary sector, and they’re perfect for vets as well. Made of soft, hi-tech sterilisable rubber, for an absolute hygiene, super comfortable and resistant. They’re provided with an adjustable and flippable strap for a perfect fitting.

The suggested models of the ultralight line: Light Shock and Light One, in expanded reticulated EVA, soft, comfortable and versatile, machine washable up to 60°. With their average weight of 300 gr per pair, they’re the ideal shoe to avoid the sense of fatigue and tiredness during a busy day!

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Reposa is the trademark of Giannoni Group S.r.l., a company specialized, for more than 30 years, in the molding of plastic materials for the production of professional sandals.

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