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Nurse shoes and medical footwear

Nurse shoes and medical footwear

Nurse shoes and medical footwear

Wether you’re a medical student starting an internship in a Hospital or you’re a surgeon, a nurse, or an Intermediate Care Technician, the shoes that you’re wearing at work should be:

  • Suitable to support your bodyweight all day long
  • Resistant to the daily damages caused by washing and wear
  • Comfortable, as comfort always represents a key aspect concerning feet and posture
  • Hygienic, easy to wash and sterilize, to eliminate the environmental bacterial count
  • Safe and certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as to prevent the risks of a specific task

When thinking about the Nurse stereotype, what we immediately recall is their colourful rubber clogs, that include all the above-mentioned characteristics.


Safety standards for nursing clogs 

Nursing clogs are class II Protective Equipments, certified in compliance with the European regulations Europe EN ISO 20347:2012 and 20345:2011, depending on the presence or not of the Cap.

Safety, in a nursing shoe, stands for:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Closed upper shoe to avoid the infiltration of potentially harmful organic substances
  • Heel closure to stabilize the foot

These are the essentials. It’s in the different wards that specific technical needs take shape.


Reposa for Hospital workers 

The Reposa sterilizable clogs line arises specifically to dress nurses and hospital operators.

The peculiarity of Reposa Max, Reposa Easy, Reposa Safe and Reposa Complete is to resist to the extremely high sterilizing temperatures, which in a hospital means preventing infections.

But that’s not all! In addition to the many certifications obtained by Reposa shoes, there are plenty of other remarkable features, such as:

  • Ultra-soft, hi-tech rubber
  • 10 colours, bright and eye-catching
  • Flip-open safety strap, to close on the heel and anchor the foot
  • Patented strap hooking system with outside-only button
  • Reinforced tread and non-slip sole
  • Antistatic insert and ESD
  • Vibro-absorbent insole
  • Steel cap

This makes the Reposa rubber clog the highest quality hospital footwear!

Excluding the operating room scenario, there also is a valid alternative offered by Reposa to all the care workers, laboratory technicians, social health workers and physiotherapists: the ultra-light line Reposa Light One and Reposa Light Shock are professional models made of EVA expanded reticulated, ultra-light, practical and versatile. Light and Eva are the descendants of the Crocs style: pioneer in the fashion field. Smart and Power are the variations of our newest, closed shoes.

Available in several colours, odourless and antimicrobial, EVA shoes are resistant and washable up to a maximum of 60°.

Their extreme lightness is their most appreciated feature. A pair of shoes made this way only weights 300g!

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Reposa is the trademark of Giannoni Group S.r.l., a company specialized, for more than 30 years, in the molding of plastic materials for the production of professional sandals.

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