It is wrong to think that a sanitary clog is worth the other just because it is a “simple” work clog! The types on the market are innumerable, as the needs that must be satisfied.

On what basis then can we choose them?

Classic and monochromatic clogs from the timeless old school or new trends with a fresh and colourful design? Comfortable and light clogs to relieve the fatigue of many hours of standing work? Clogs of well-known brands that give more guarantee and are aesthetically appealing? Only MADE IN ITALY clogs of which you are sure of the supply chain and the materials used? Or eco-sustainable clogs that can be recycled?

Many variables, many of them subjective.! But let’s go step by step.

The functions that a good sanitary clog must satisfy

To choose the most suitable sanitary clogs, it is essential to consider first of all the use to be made of them, where they must be worn, in which environments, for how long and for which tasks.

In hospitals, it is easy to find linoleum or plastic floors; it is therefore advisable to choose antistatic clogs in order to avoid unpleasant “shocks”.

Non-slip soles are useful in all environments, especially where the floors are smooth.

The strap closing the foot is practically mandatory for compliance with safety standards which require the shoe to be adherent to the foot, therefore strongly recommended.

Summing up briefly, among the many variables, there are some fundamental functions that must be examined when we choose our sanitary clog:

  • Comfort- the clog should be light, anatomic and comfortable
  • Proper supportthe clog must give a How to choose the best sanitary clog? to the wearer
  • Compliance with safety standards- the clog must have all those essential technical requirements to safeguard the operator from the risks of his job

The many clog models on the market

On the market there are a myriad of proposals with a good quality/price ratio. The last one is extremely variable and can range from a few euros up to over fifty.

In any case, even if the sector suffers the inflection of cheap proposals of Turkish and Chinese origin, the added value of MADE IN ITALY remains something much appreciated and often rewarded.

Different clogs according to the composition material

There are models of rubber, EVA, wood and leather clog. The composition material determines the physical and technical characteristics, the production cost and the possibilities of use of the finished product.

The wooden clog remains a must for true traditionalists! See the classic models of Dr Scholl wooden clogs, always current.

For those who make lightness an essential requirement, here are the cross-linked EVA clogs, ultralight and extremely comfortable, aesthetically linear and available in many colors and many brands.

EVA is a chemically cross-linked foam material, whose completely closed cell structure guarantees its complete impermeability to water, as well as its remarkable thermal insulation and antibacterial properties.

Its degree of lightness is almost surprising and is the basis of its success.

In the 2000s, the precursor Crocs launched lines of “fashionable” and very trendy eva clogs and in its wake, eva footwear (clogs, galoshes and eva shoes) has landed in the professional world.

For those who look at the aspect of versatility there are the Fly Flot style leather slippers, breathable and very practical, fresh in every season, but not really suitable for use in hospital environments.

Finally, the rubber models, a little heavier than those in EVA but also more resistant and above all sterilizable! Born for the operating room, they have found space in all related environments and beyond. They provide excellent support, have more and more new lines and the colors are the most varied.

Reposa makes it its workhorse: the sterilizable rubber line has always identified the Reposa brand and the Reposa MAX sterilizable clog is its leader product.

MAX” stands for maximum performance, top design, fresh and colorful (10 colors!) and excellent fit and comfort. It is 100% MADE IN ITALY, 100% ECOFRIENDLY, recyclable as a plastic material and in step with the latest RID-UHF traceability technologies (it presents a microchip upon customer request). It is the result of thirty years of experience in molding and sales in the sector.

Fashion at work

The fashion trend at work is a constantly growing phenomenon.

It is useless to deny that in the choice of one’s workwear, aesthetics and elegance do not play an important role, today much more than yesterday.

Without ever forgetting that sanitary clogs are professional products that must first of all be comfortable and functional, today you can really indulge in design and colors! New shades, beautiful and enveloping lines, combined with comfort insoles.

Creating your own work look is almost fun!


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